Hello everyone!

I am Atene Malinauskaite. ATUKO is my pseudonym. That’s how my husband refers to me. One day I realised that’s exactly the name I want to be known by.

Here, in Lithuania, I have a degree in fashion design. During the studies I was known amongst other students for my distinct style, sense of fashion & ambitious personality.
Creativity is the love of my life (sorry beloved husband). I can’t recall a single day that I’ve not been creating new clothes, collections or jewellery in my mind.
The worst case is if I’m still up late at night doing it, which means I won’t be able to fall asleep at all. I don’t even want to rest when I’m creating! (Have I mentioned that it’s the love of my life and all my dreams revolve around it?)

When I create I always do it for myself, always try to imagine what I wish for, and what clothes I want to have next season or even next year. I also emphasise on the comfort, freedom, exclusivity, elegance, and of course the quality of the materials. I love minimalism and I believe that the beauty is in the simplicity, the femininity in the secret and the value in the quality. Only a woman that looks aesthetically can create the feeling of luxury and harmony.

I believe we can express our inner world and the depth of our souls through clothes better than words.

My dream is to open my own boutique some day as i sincerely believe that I am heading that way. In the meantime my creations are sold in a few well known boutiques in Lithuania.

I deeply care about each and every one of my clients and I hope everyone is more than satisfied. So please if you have any questions or wishes do not hesitate to contact me. I promise we will find the solution to your query.

I will be looking forward to meeting you in my shop!

Best wishes,

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